Synchronicity volume 1

book cover of sychronicity
Limited edition of 100. All original images and content. Signed and numbered. Volume 2 coming soon.

The Book

This little volume of original photographs and inspirational texts was a passion project that evolved over time and was published in July 2018. It's unusual in that one does not read it cover to cover - but randomly. It's meant to offer timely insight to questions where you may be looking for fresh perspective or a new starting point. Simply hold the book, ask your question or hold a thought, and then open it. Then take a look and see what the Universe suggests might be what you need to hear. Use whatever parts of the image or message make the most sense. Your intuition and imagination will do the rest.

***This book is a unique and limited edition, signed and numbered.

To Order

For Europe: €20 (+ €8 shipping outside Germany)

For Rest of the World: $25.00  (Postage in the U.S. is $5.00, but may take 3 weeks.)


In Europe: Electronic bank transfers or Paypal preferred. 

In the U.S.: Paypal using the Friends & Family link or bank transfers possible.


To order, just send your address to: and let me know if you'd like a special dedication.  Once I receive payment, I'll ship the book immediately.

What readers are saying...

"Thank you! I use it a lot and always find an insight to my question. It's amazing." 


"So special. I love the new additions that aren't anywhere except in the book." 


"I love the simplicity of it. I want to gift this to several people I know who are struggling right now!" 

*Soft cover, low gloss finish, 78 pages with 75 image + text entries.

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