Intuitive Healing Shields

Session Description

Online or in person, we'll sit together as you share your current situation. I will ask questions, which assist in unpacking what you need in the shield and provide additional insight for both of us.



The hand-crafted shield of combined runes, angelic symbols and numbers, as well as important phrases, is designed following the session. Each shield comes with a legend, decoding the symbols and words on the shield. Each shield is signed and dated for authenticity.

The paper is 100-250 gram, 21x27 cm



The one hour session with the resulting healing shield, excluding postage: €150

Runes, calligraphy, angel symbols on a section of a shield are shown.
All shields are one of a kind, original art made for a specific person. Shields will only be shared with permission.

What people are saying...

From Bonnie G..

"I began working with Susanne to integrate my plant medicine journeys and was in need of a career coach as well.  We began working through my human design chart and I realized that I am an empath and just didn't know it.  Coming from corporate America that seems like a woo woo term, so I had no protection in place or tools to manage such a gift. Being new to this type of work, I was struggling to visualize.  TWhen I got the shield it gave me the exact visual I needed to start my journey of protection in perfect timing! ((Susanne even incorporated my hot messedness into it.) 

I bring it out every morning with my morning presence practice and really use it as a way to activate my third eye, center myself, and identify my own energy.  It's really fun to use it as the base of that visualization and watch all the ways it can manifest itself w/in my energy field.  It has become my halo when I really think about it!!  Her shield will be forever treasured and I will be forever grateful!!  Feeling safe enough to heal is a priceless gift!!"

From Nina K.


"I'm not sure I have the words to describe the beauty and healing I received from this piece of rune art.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In some ways your art work is light work - encoded energy transmissions - almost like portals into other dimensions and an anchor into a desired reality. You share a space of one mind and one heart with people, and then based on that you create a unique piece of art that can accompany them through their transformation."

From Libby F.

A huge thank you. It’s a) beautiful and b) the meanings are spot on! I’m really glad that we had the conversation and it’s always good to hear that you’re on the right path. It means a lot to me. Life is a lot like surfing right now, so I really like the little blue squiggle around the central motif - its like surfing the waves - the ups and downs. I like that the word “gladly” taking the next step is there, because sometimes persistence feels like I HAVE to do it - and it’s nice to be reminded that we can choose to do that gladly. I look at it as I walk out the door every morning to work.”

From Allison Q.

“Susanne crafted a shield for me that echoes the very essence of my being which extends out into my space.  The words she chose, with her intuitive knowing, reflected facets of my character I sometimes forget in the chaos of daily life. Each word, each pen stroke is a testament to her skill of diving deep into one's soul and mirroring its beauty onto paper.

Now, it's not merely a decoration. It's a daily affirmation, a grounding force. Every glance towards it fortifies my spirit, reminding me of who I am at my core.

In fact, Susanne's art not only captures the essence of one's soul; it provides a sanctuary for it.

To anyone seeking a piece of their own soul reflected back to them, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Susanne on a shield. With her, artistry transcends the visual—it touches the very soul.”