Where the Focus goes - the Energy Flows


I believe that:

  • Our work needs to be (and can be) more expansive, energizing, and fun - especially under pressure. 
  • Leveraging and valuing differences is the key to creative solutions.
  • Failure and mistakes provide the resources of higher performance.
  • There are enough energy, time, ideas. The way to create MORE is to share them. 

Go with the Flow ...

Focus on doing something really well - and you'll excel.

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I start where you are, with what you have - and expand on it. What worked best? How can you use that? What do you dare to do next? What do you need to nail it? Who can help? We'll uncover those hidden gems - together.

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Resources: Good Stuff

When I come across a cool tool/approach/method I like to tinker with it - make it more generative, more positive. I may visualize it. Adjust it. Test it. Then I offer it to you. And you can do the same.


A Personal Navigation System

These days, when we want to reach a destination (often unknown), most of us use a Navi or GPS system. I like to describe what I do and how I do it by comparing myself to a Personal Navigation System. 

My clients are the context experts - they are intimately familiar with what is happening in their situation. However, there may be short cuts, undiscovered resources, or brilliant new routes along the path - which is where I can help. You set the destination, goal, intention, and I'll help you get there.

We all need a sparring partner, a sounding board, a safe place to hear our own thinking. As a coach I can bring a neutral container and with your permission, I can challenge you to expand it.

A little more about me...


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