Where the Focus goes - the Energy Flows

I focus on TRANSITION. 

I believe that:

  • Our work needs to be (and can be) more expansive, energizing, and fun - especially under pressure. 
  • Leveraging and valuing differences is the key to creative solutions.
  • Failure and mistakes are the resources of higher performance.
  • There is enough energy, time, ideas and the way to create MORE is to share them. 
  • Less-is-more: Reducing complexity and embracing constraints is a powerful approach to success.

What I do rather well:

Get it to Stick

The first sign that something needs to change is often a feeling. A gut feeling. An intuitive nudge. Once you make a decision to make a change, the trick is to get the change to become the "new normal." How do we get change to stick? By going back to those FEELINGS. I harness emotions to enable change, direct the "rational" and make the transition feel natural - almost easy.

Make it ALL Useful

When you see every experience as a piece of leverage - a step, tool, insight - that can help you reach your desires, then everything becomes a resource. I explore and "mine" (a powerfully positive approach to looking at the past) what's happened and invite my clients to take another look at how it can be used to reach their target. It also translates fear of failure into powerful fuel for solutions. (Eureka!)

Create Engagement

When you "Start with the End" in mind, you create a goal that is unsensored - and far more exhilerating. The destination becomes the fuel for the whole process. I start every meeting, workshop, and conversation with this is mind. What would be the best outcome? What do you really want to reach at the end? It's amazing to see the kind of sustainable energy that is created. Every time.

"If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change a culture - change the stories." - Michael Margolis

Go with the Flow ...

I focus on doing a few things really well - and love to share what my partners and I currently apply in work with clients - and what we'd like to see more of in the world. We practice what we preach.

ripple in the water - visualsspeak.com

CFlow: Coaching

I start where you are, with what you have - and expand on it. What worked best? How can you use that? What do you dare to do next? What do you need to nail it? Who can help? We'll uncover those hidden gems - together.

Team of girls in blue team jerseys sitting on the grass - visualsspeak.com

TFlow: Teams

Teams are vital. They help us leverage our strengths to work more effectively. Teams can be a source of incredible ideas and renewable energy. When people care about each other they produce results - even under intense pressure. Is your team working well?

Hands drilling into a target - visualsspeak.com

Resources: Good Stuff

When we come across a cool article or tool/approach/method we like to tinker with it - especially if we can Flip it! Make it more generative, more positive. We may visualize it. Adjust it. Test it. Then we offer it to you. And you can do the same.

drawn image of a multi-armed person juggling several glowing balls - visualsspeak.com

Unconscious, Deep Values: I am are proud to say that almost ALL of the images used on our site come exclusively from VisusalsSpeak.  I was one of the co-developers of the tool and watched it distill from 4,000 magazine clippings to a collection of 250 deeply resonate and specifically designed images. Humans are visual creatures - our brains use pictures to store information and retain it up to 70% longer than something spoken or written. And these images are special...


A Personal Navigation System

These days, when we want to reach a destination, many of us use a Navi or GPS system. I like to describe what I do and how I do it by comparing myself to a Personal Navigation System. 

My clients are the context experts - they are intimately familiar with what is happening in their situation. However, there may be short cuts, undiscovered resources, or brilliant new routes along the path - which is where I can help. We do things differently at CFlow because that's what enables and empowers transition.


susanne m taylor

What's New?

collage using exploring my options cards by visualsspeak

March 4, 2018 - A full day to revisit your goals and intentions for 2018. Did they get blocked somewhere in the last few weeks? With powerful mindfulness and body movement techniques we'll get you unstuck and moving powerfully forward!  MORE information HERE.

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Inspire and empower your clients and team mates with Visual Coaching! Learn this method to anchor feelings and sustain energy towards action. Workshop coming in early April 2018! Contact me for more information. Sign up by March 5th to get the EARLY PRICE.

Photos featured in the banner above: Flowing water by SolomonVipe via DIYlovin,  and linked hands by VisualsSpeak.