Intuitive Integration Coaching

Integrate your awakening experience or tap into what plant medicine has to teach you


Is this you?


  • I'm not sure how to apply the insights from my ayahuasca ceremony
  • I feel lost with what I've experienced
  • I need a safe space to process what I saw and how I feel about it 
  • I don't know anyone else who has had this kind of experience in my circle
  • I want to keep the connection I made with my higher self


An awakening experience or plant medicine journey is an intensely personal experience, but the real work begins once you head home and begin living your daily life. This is where integration begins.  And it doesn't need to happen alone - partner with an experienced coach.


I enable you to integrate your insights from your ayahuasca ceremony or plant medicine journey.


What you get with me

  • a safe and compassionate space to process
  • no judgement - just empathy & compassion
  • words to unpack your experience in a different reality and connect it back to your daily life
  • a step by step path to strengthen and more fully become your higher Self
  •  accountability towards embracing the changes that will occur as you follow your intuition
  • an internationally certified coach with 15 years experience 
susanne m taylor

Work with me


We'll work together on unpacking this mystical experience.

Through regular sessions that are equally reflective and practical we'll peel back layers to gain insight into the images, sensations and emotions you experienced. 


By talking about what you noticed and connecting to intentions for the future, we can translate insights into new behaviors.


By making small changes or taking small actions based on impulses from your experience, you will begin to see real shifts in your life in the present.


And, I can support you in making sense of emotional or physical triggers and  synchronicities by encouraging you to explore other channels (books, movies, music, dance, art) that hold this knowledge.


If you're curious about my story... you can go deeper here.


I also offer spiritual coaching and protective artifacts along your journey.



 "I felt really safe with Susanne - so seen and heard. She really gets it because she's lived it but at the same time doesn't impose her experience on me. Susanne consistently, and lovingly, called me back to my truth and showed me where I could live it." - Chris P.


"No matter what comes up, even if it sounds crazy, Susanne helps me reframe it and make sense of it in the bigger picture of my life. Talking about energy is no longer just a mental game, but one I am translating into my physical reality - here and now." - Lana J.


"I tripled the benefits of my ayahuasca ceremonies by following them up with coaching sessions from Susanne! Working with a coach brought things from another realm into my awareness of how I am living and making choices now. Having a coaching session should be a natural part of every journey - we'd realize our insights SO much faster!" - Brian