Find the Energy - Direct the Flow

My why:

As a facilitator and coach I believe in connecting people. To themselves - their core drivers - and to each other. In more than 20 years as an external partner to leaders and teams from the IT, Pharma, Insurance and Automotive industries, I've seen that THIS is what matters - and where I can help. I'm based in Munich, Germany, but partner with others throughout Europe and the U.S. My passion is working with diverse groups of people to inspire them to remain flexible and powerful despite pressure from constant change. To be resilient. I strive to do this in a seriously playful - yet structured manner. 


"Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that today will be the best day of your life."    - Ken Piorot


Favorite Methods & Tools :

  • Experiential, playful activities and tools (VisualsSpeak, Liberating Structures, Belbin Team Assessment, Street Wisdom)
  • Strength based approaches (Reflective Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry and the Growth Mindset)
  • Trained in Jikiden Reiki (Shoden and Okuden - distance energy work)
  • I love being in nature - in the mountains, on my bike, or floating on a SUP - and I'll offer those as safe spaces to coach
  • Tele-coaching: Without any visual distractions I listen deeper and my clients find safety faster

"What does your logo mean?" 

My response, "When you look at it, what do you feel? What is the sensation you have when looking at it?"


One answer: Everything has an origin and is both moving towards greater expansion and towards it's own beginning. Where are you on your journey? Here is a container to keep you safe while you explore.

Client + Me = "WE" 

I have a close relationship and deep trust with my clients. I practice "partnership" from the beginning. We go forward on this journey together, with full transparency and agreement of why, what and how. We regularly revisit our contact to make sure it's still working. If something has changed, we adjust and continue onward.