Remember Who You Are

Who I am:

1. A stranger in a strange land (I consistently live and work in a country where I am not a citizen and am not speaking my mother tongue).

2. Integrity is a core practice. (I practice what I preach. I walk the talk.)

3. I believe we are all uniquely creative and whole, we've just lost our way in the noise of the modern world. (Therefore everything we hold true is possible.)

4. Nature is the key - to living and healing.

5. Art is a channel for healing.


 What I bring :

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach since 2012 (ACC)
  • Trained in Jikiden Reiki (Shoden and Okuden - distance energy work)
  • Rituals for beginnings, endings and energy cleansing & healing
  • Lived and worked in 6 countries and 3 continents, supporting across cultural divides is part of everything I do
  • Tech savvy - so working in the virtual space is natural and feels safe


My story 


I grew up in Alaska. 

I was outside a lot. Being in nature was normal. You talked to everything around you, out loud, and sometimes you sang, because it didn't judge you and - bears. (You didn't want to surprise them.) And when it's dark and you're stuck inside, which was also often, I learned to go inside myself. I loved to paint, play with clay, draw, make crafts - anything where I could escape wall-to-wall carpet rooms. And I discovered a world I could escape to that was inside myself. In Alaska, some people cope with the environment in not so healthy ways. I witnessed a lot of alcoholism, abuse of other people and/or drugs. Some people were already running from something and Alaska was the furthest they could travel to escape it. But, as we all know, where ever you go - there you are. A lot of people discovered religion helped. I explored that too. 


I went to Japan for the first time when I was 18. From there I found Taiwan, and my exposure to what is spirituality and how we humans organize and frame reality became very multifaceted. I also experienced being a minority. I was humbled and validated simultaneously. A whole culture of people programmed to put harmony first. To see nature as containing energy and spirit. To value connection and relationship above all else. All my programming about - everything - was turned on it's head. No wonder my family was completely confused and shocked when I returned. I returned a different version of myself. It's been a life long journey into exploring how to expand beyond my own limits, cultural programming, and mental models ever since.


My experiences in Asia opened me up for other ways of Knowing - beyond scientific evidence, rational thought, and western mental models. I learned to look for evidence of higher intelligence and energies, and to trust a sense of "knowing" even if it wasn't logical.  Through the study of Zen, Tai Chi, Reiki, various meditation techniques, breathwork and then plant medicine, I have gathered solid evidence. I have participated in 5 ayahuasca ceremonies, and practice micro dosing with mushrooms.  These experiences accelerated my courage to live my truth and stand in my power. And on my journey I continually meet others who are seeking to heal and want something similar.


The greatest benefit my exploration into plant medicine has given me was courage. The courage to ask for help. The courage to do something unconventional. The courage to speak up for what felt true to me. The courage to look at what was conventional and intentionally choose what worked for me and to let go of the rest. 


Plant medicine ceremonies are not the only way to see beyond our own conditioning, or to heal trauma, but for those who feel called to them and are able to participate in a well run ceremony, they are a catalyst to growth and healing. They are the entry way to deep healing - though the real healing begins afterwards.


Many of our experiences get lost in the noise of the modern world and we end up going back for more ceremonies that may not be necessary to make progress.


The best ceremonies and retreat centers offer at least some form of integration, either through a group process talk or one-on-one counseling afterwards. However, many people need an anchor when they go back to "real life" so that they can bring their deeply personal insights and translate them into living differently. There's a hole in the healing path that I want to fill here.


I have been able to translate my experience into my every day life - leaving unhealthy relationships in both personal and professional arenas, in order to rebuild a circle of friends and colleagues that match my positive, caring vibration. Claiming a life of deeply satisfying work and trust in the future is what we all deserve. As a certified coach I have the tools and methods to support others who want this for themselves. 


The world needs more trauma aware and spiritually conscious souls, now more than ever. And I want to be in service of speeding that evolution up. Let's work together to get you there faster.


"What does your logo mean?" 

My response, "When you look at it, what do you feel? What is the sensation you have when looking at it?"


One answer: Everything has an origin and is both moving towards greater expansion and towards it's own beginning. Where are you on your journey? Here is a container to keep you safe while you explore.

What else? 

We are partners on this journey. I am here to enable you to become your own guru.

I am not a psychologist, but I can help you find one for mental health support in tandem.

Our work together is an energetic exchange. What you put in, you are guaranteed to get in return.