Find the Energy - Direct the Flow

How I work:

We are more than just our expertise or knowledge. How would our work be impacted if we showed up fully - with our head AND heart?

I invite my partners and clients to do just that - come design and develop the BEST version together.

I use tested, but unique methods, pairing experiential activities with structured approaches. My hope is that my clients align with each other and experience profound outcomes. By linking deep emotional connection to targets,  learnings are transfered to every day. Instead of using precious energy to block or disconnect from emotions, I encourage clients to harness it and use it to reach their aspirations.

I use a lot of visuals - that tap into deeply intuitive knowledge. 

I ask simple, powerful questions - that explore all perspectives.

I include as many stakeholders as possible - which builds a fuller, richer pool of solutions (and speeds up engagement).

And MOST important: I care. I believe that my clients matter - that each is unique, and bringing something powerful and important to the world.


Client + CFLow Partner = "WE" 

I have a close relationship and deep trust with my partners. We live and breath "partnership". I pair up and share resources with a tested pool of independent consultants and a few consultancies. We link our skills and approaches to create exactly what our clients need in the moment. No cookie cutter approaches. 

CFlow & Partners

Susanne Taylor

Resiliency, globally diverse, high-performance teams and leaders

"Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that today will be the best day of your life."    - Ken Piorot


My why:

As a facilitator and coach I believe in connecting people. To themselves - their core drivers - and to each other. In more than 20 years as an external partner to leaders and teams from the IT, Pharma, Insurance and Automotive industries, I've seen that THIS is what matters - and where I can help. CFlow is based in Munich, Germany (since 2008), however I partner with others throughout Europe and the U.S. My passion is working with diverse groups of people to inspire them to remain flexible and powerful despite pressure from constant change. To be resilient. I strive to do this in a seriously playful - yet structured manner. 


My what: (Academic stuff)

  • Masters degree in Intercultural Relations through Antioch University, OH and the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI)
  • Practical Thesis Topic: Facilitating Virtual Intercultural Teams - Best Practices
  • Core focus: communication, psychology, change management, organizational development, adult learning theory
  • Associated Certified Coach (ACC) through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) certified through International Coaches Federation (ICF)
  • Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and AI Commons member
  • Lived and worked in Japan and Taiwan with basic abilities in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese
  • English and German coaching and facilitation abilities

Favorite Methods & Tools :

Box of chocolates by VisualsSpeak -



Meet my team of

partners and idea generators.


We each have our own businesses and operate as trusted sparring partners, co-facilitators, and development advisors.

We do this for each other and for our clients. 


Our philosophy: 1 + 1 = 3