Intuitive Coaching

These sessions are intended to connect you to your inner wisdom and knowing. To meet and build a relationship with your own inner guru. These sessions can be a combination of experience sharing, intuitive energy healing, reiki, tarot, human design and channeling of higher intelligence. Email me to find out more about pricing or to set up a free 30 minute introductory chat.

45 minute sessions begin at €111

**Sessions are recorded for repeat listening and insights in the future.

Synchronicity book by susanne taylor

Intuitive Healing Shield


These shields are co-created with you, and the higher intelligence surrounding you. We are all born to succeed, and there are energies and entities that want that for us too. In this one hour session, we will talk about your journey and gather insights on what Spirit is sharing. Based on our exchange, I will create a personal one-of-a-kind shield that carries a particular resonance and message for you as you awaken and transform. 

Synchronicity book by susanne taylor

Inspiration + Insight To Go


This little book was designed to give you insight and unlock thinking when you're stuck. There is no beginning and no end. All you need to do is ask a question, set an intention and be curious in your mindset. Then open the book. Let the image and text inspire your next actions or thinking about the topic. Because everything is connected, you are bound to find what you need each time you open the book. 

Limited edition print - only 100 copies for this first volume. Original images and inspirational text. More information and how to order is HERE.

Synchronicity book by susanne taylor

Space/Room Cleanse



Have you ever walked into a room and it felt like it had no air left in it? Or sat in a chair that felt weird and edgy?  Emotion can be transmitted and is often stored as an energetic frequency. It often stays in the space, but it can also surround an object. Lower energies can disrupt or block communication, healing, or even creative thinking. There are simple, but effective techniques I can teach you, or perform in your office or working space, that can reset the frequency of energy and create a more neutral and productive space. Depending on the energy, it can take 5 to 15 minutes to do.

Synchronicity book by susanne taylor