Get Your Team in Flow.

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"There is no problem that doesn't have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience, and and collaboration."

                                                                                               - Jane McGonigal


Teams are vital - and often in flux. With the increased speed of change (and it's not getting any slower!) many teams face an energy drain of constant forming-storming-norming, and never seem to get to the performing stage.


What if I could show you how to perform despite constant change? In fact, that's what I love to do -  and why working together with my clients in trust relationships is key to how I work. 


I believe a team is only as strong and flexible as each individual team member.

And if team members feel connected and safe they put their best ideas out there and make the extra effort during times of stress. My inclusive approach generates sustainable collaboration. And creates an agile team.

New Project Teams

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What's the best launch pad for a diverse and eager group of people? Setting up a clear team charter that resonates with each member (and can be clearly passed on) is vital.

Virtual Teams

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How do you connect, align, and manage a group of people who are spread over time zones, functions, and work styles? Make sure to strategically leverage their diverse cultural realities.

Team Leaders

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How do you make sure you are challenging your team members to be resourceful creators - people who are taking ownership and accountability? Creating a culture of safety is key.

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