A Powerful Tool

I love this tool. I believe in it because I see it work it's magic over and over. Lots of people know that images have an impact on knowledge transfer and influencing decision making. They can also be harnessed to laser in on core values and speed up important conversations and relationship building. And these aren't just random images - they've been tested and designed to by-pass our rational, linear, left brain - to achieve phenomenal results.

I find endless ways to work with this tool! (In fact 98% of the images on our site come from VisualsSpeak!)

juggling golden balls - visualsspeak.com

Fuller Visions

Creating a visual of what is desired is acknowledged as one of the best ways to ensure that core values are translated into how people need to change their behavior. The more a vision resonates - the more it becomes compelling and sustainable.

choice of paths - visualsspeak.com

Clearer Paths

When we can literally SEE where we are going - or where we want to go - the "how"s become more clear too. It is easier to make choices between various options and decisions become faster. The meaning of an image can blur, but the emotional link sticks.

overlapping joined conversation - visualsspeak.com

Whole Solutions

Visuals spark multiple interpretations and validate multiple perspectives. By doing this they allow for a collaborative and co-creative process that enables solutions that are supported by multiple stakeholders. 

It's even online! Easy to sign up one person - or the whole team.

I use the specially designed Image Center which acts like a virtual design space. It's secure and can be set up so that using the tool is a simultaneous collaboration between all team members or can be done individually, when team members have time and space to commit to the process. 

What others are saying...

"Coaching, especially with VS is a very powerful method. A very light and fun approach, that leads to very deep insights that couldn't be accessed otherwise, because it shows issues what we don't have words for. The sessions helped me greatly to orientate in a time of big upheaval and changes in my life." – Sabine Roseburg/ Rolfer/Heilpraktikerin    


"Your pictures and visionary tools helped me to open up, as I did not have any words. The pictures helped me to trigger my deeper feelings and emotions."  – Kirsten Kummert/Yoga Instructor    


"Doing the visual session with Susanne was excellent because it built up a very real image of where I wanted to go. The session was not rushed and I had time to think in a calm environment." – Rachel Moss/ Style Consultant 


"Susanne was able to help me find a path after many months of going in circles and to find the path again when I'd stray from it...  Every time we did a VisualSpeak session, I would surprise myself with the questions that I formulated. I always come away with a renewed sense of self and peace of mind.  Susanne has a wonderful knack for knowing how to get me to talk about the images!" – Amy Trotter Houston/Travel Writer