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Every year I attend a wonderful gathering of people from all over Europe who might describe themselves as: "software developers", "enginerds", "people-focused techies" and "coaches". This year it was held in Zurich, and it was the perfect opportunity to support the conference theme of "Power Transformance" with a little wander in the streets around the Kraftwerk Impact Hub.


It was a hot day, so we stuck to places in the shadow and along the water. People took time out from intense learning and exchange to find flow and space for themselves. Some used the time to gift themselves "pause" and others just enjoyed seeing the city they call "home" in a new and surprising way.


One participant shared that he, "saw contrasts right away: light versus shadow, hot versus cold, flow versus solid, pattern versus plain." Waking up his right brain lead to a joyful epiphany of sorts, "Finding beauty in everything, really was life changing! I realize that if we could practice this, what a peaceful world we'd have!"


As our street wander was only 20 minutes, we re-gathered afterwards in a quiet underground subway station where everyone could get in small trust groups and share their insights. It was heart-warming and very validating to see people come alive and connect on a much deeper level than you'd normally experience at a conference. Most agreed that the time was too short to really get an answer to their question, but it was enough to know that they want the full 3 hour experience! 


I hope they go find or go organize their own events. Anyone can do it - all you have to do is gift yourself the time. Then they can do more of what ALE-ists (Agile Lean Europe) do so well: sharing = caring!


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World Wide Wander Event in Munich:

                          September 16th from 9:00 - 12:00 


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Street Wisdom

This concept was developed out of the idea that our environment - the streets around us - are a rich source of wisdom and insight that we ignore. Street Wisdom allows us to tune into this rich stimulus. The originators of the concept say, "Answers are everywhere - you just have to ask." 



Street wisdom sign on a brick building.


The technology was developed by a group of people in the UK (David Pearl and Chris Barez-Brown). They provide the shareware to anyone who wants to offer an event. I am trained to use the concept and in turn host events for the public when I happen to be in a large enough city that supports the exercise.

I offer it to my clients and tailor it to fit a specific objective.


The process involves tuning into your senses, stretching certain perception muscles and then using this sharpened awareness to:

-  Answer important questions

-  Unblock thinking and get into flow

-  Spark imagination and new solutions

-  Re-energize during a long day of meetings and training

- Gain deep insights easily


Street Wisdom is designed to work anywhere - but it works best when:

-  there are enough people and activity to provide stimulus and allow participants to disappear in the crowd.

-  there isn't too much traffic so participants are not dodging cars. Market streets work great as well as pedestrianised areas.


An event can run up to 3 hours - this is the optimal length to get tuned-in, allow our newly sharpened muscles to discover the wisdom on the streets, and get back to share and exchange insights with others. However, it can be done in other formats to fit into team building or vision and alignment events. Ask me how this might work for you. Or, you can watch this Ted Talk, where David Pearl himself explains the process.

Past Wanderings...

Summer 2018


Little did I know that our Sunday tour in Munich coincided with an annual event of commemoration of the church, so that in various nieghborhoods, including the one we wandered in, roads were closed in order to accommodate processions of priests, musicians, and people. Though none of us were religious, it left each of us with the message that, even though we live in times of change and upheaval, there is hope that we can grow.

It was a perfect reminder as to why I originally began to do Street Wisdom events in Munich. In a city known as the “safest city in Germany” 5 or more years in a row – a shooting at a large shopping center 2 years ago caused a huge shock and lots of fear.

I felt my small part could be to host events that brought strangers together, helped them to slow down and be mindful, and perhaps benefit themselves and each other simultaneously. This lovely group of international women (the men must have had a collective mind meld and didn’t show!) somehow all had similar themes of healing, love, self-care, and expanding to include more joy.

I, of course, always bring my own question to wander around with, and this time I asked the streets, “So, what will this be the-summer-of?” Read what the streets answered HERE...

Spring is always a great time to walk around the streets. And when the weather is warm and sunny, it’s a bonus.

We gathered in a lovely little marketplace called Elisabethplatz and from there wandered the streets enjoying all the birdsong, flowering trees (those with pollen allergies didn’t seem to suffer too much) and warm sun on our backs.


The group were a lovely mixture of people from all over the world: Kenya, India, Czech Republic, France, Germany. Everyone came with curiosity and a willingness to explore.


When we met back up at the local wirthaus (that’s German for “pub”) the group were still contemplative, so responses to the experience were thoughtful.


“There’s a constant fight for questions in my head. One leads to the next. The walking actually seemed to unlock them.”

“I’m looking for something perfect (job), but should I? Or maybe I should just accept it?”

Read more of their insights and answers on the Street Wisdom blog...

1 Year Wander-versary


Standing at the meet up point I had a sudden insight – not only was this event part of a World Wide Wander, a collection of groups exploring streets all over the world, but it was also an anniversary. This event marked the 1 year anniversary of Street Wisdom being held in Munich.

I was reminded by the arrival of a familiar face – one of the participants from last year had returned to help me facilitate!

Despite all the registration support, I never know who is going to show up – until we get started. Once again, we had 8 curious and adventurous souls, ready to explore and gain insight (or at least a nice walk). As it’s still Tourist Season in Munich we weren’t the only groups walking this part of town. So stopping to take photos, look more closely, or going slow wasn’t so unusual. Everyone was able to quickly stretch certain perception muscles. I so wished I could have recorded the brilliant things people were saying each time we stopped to exchange.

Then everyone was off – eager to test the new tools and see what the streets had to tell them. Once we met back up and had warm drinks in hand, conversation and sharing flowed. It was a time for many people to actually stop their busy striving and just BeRead more here...


street wisdom collage by susanne taylor

Maxvorstadt (Schwabing): Summer Quest


There is a first time for everything, and this was the first time I was late to a Street Wisdom event. Luckily I had some on-the-ground support (friend back up) and by the time I arrived everyone was already getting to know each other. I could tell immediately it was going to be a fun group – open, curious, ready – all on a Sunday morning.


Once we found a warm patch of sunshine (summer temperatures having decided to take a vacation) and got warmed up we took off stretching our perception and being mindful.


Everyone was drawn to a large fountain, including two young women posing and taking photos of each other. While we all enjoyed the white noise of the falling water, some noticed details like... (find out by reading more here.)

Collage of bavarian lion, street displays in Munich by Susanne M Taylor

St-Anna-Platz: Spring Street Quest


As the weather was still cool, we decided to keep this a somewhat shorter version of Street Wisdom with a quick round of introductions and two perception tuning exercises before heading off on our individual quests.


With two photographers in the group, there was definitely a focus on visual information and the practice of “looking at something in a new way” – which made for a lot of fun when we met up at the café in the Bavarian Baroque Museum to compare shots.


Everyone’s street quest was uniquely different. Read more 


Collage of bavarian lion, street displays in Munich by Susanne M Taylor

Pre-holiday Street Quest in Haidhausen


It was the perfect Sunday afternoon in November for a quest. Sunny, crisp air, and lots of curiosity.


In preparation for the up-coming time of pre-holiday hectic we gathered in the lovely neighborhood of Haidhausen in Munich. After sharing our favourite streets and where we got inspiration (lots of people mentioned “the shower!” and “outside in nature”) – we took our first stretch and tune-in while wandering through one of the many Christmas markets being set up all over town.


Since it was a chilly afternoon, and people looked eager to keep moving, everyone could either choose to slow down or look for patterns. Some people even combined them!


The results of this exercise revealed how hard it can be to slow down, but once you do, what you notice is so different. One participant commented, “The pattern of the tree branches made me think about my body, the veins that are like that, and how it’s all connected. I’m connected.” Read about other's insights HERE.

Collage of bavarian lion, street displays in Munich by Susanne M Taylor

Pioneering Street Wisdom in Munich - Our First Quest


Just in time for the rain to pause, but the chilly temperatures of autumn to begin, we held the first Street Wisdom event in Munich.  After the crowds of the Oktoberfest, it was wonderful to meet up with 7 pioneers and watch the streets wake up.


After each “tune-in” exercise we shared a bit of what we’d noticed. It was a joyful experience for many to discover hidden courtyards (Munich has a lot) movie theaters, and to extend our views UP. Up towards copper rooftops, or scalloped building edges.

Lots of senses woke up along the way. Our sense of smell woke up, as we had accidently stopped to share about “going slow” behind a lovely bakery. See what else we discovered HERE.

ALE 2016 - Sharing is Caring: Street Wisdom in Paris!


At an open conference everyone is a presenter and participant. You never know what someone will offer and who will come to a session when you put it out there. Which is why I love that they also say, "Who ever shows up are the right people. And what ever happens is suppose to happen."


I had 7 deeply curious and reflective folks join me in an exploration of the approach to gain insight from the streets around us. Check out the write up and photos of what we discovered HERE.


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