Plan for the Best - 2018

vision collage using visualsspeak images


Dec. 17 or 22, 2017: Munich

10:00 to 13:00

What's in it for you?

A half day that includes individualized elements, meditation and visioning exercises. This will be followed by one-on-one coaching to accompany you back into the "real world". Together we will focus on exploring and expanding your personal vision for 2018. We'll develop it into a road map for truly supporting your intentions and goals for 2018.



You'll receive a questionnaire to fill out and bring with you. The questionnaire is designed to prepare your mind and emotions for the work we will be doing together. It also serves as a cornerstone or starting point for the journey from 2017 to the coming year.



  • Fresh, healthy, whole food snacks 
  • Mediation and yoga methods
  • Reflection and visioning exercises
  • Vision board and personal mantras

Come at 9:30 to enjoy yummy tea and snacks, get settled in and relaxed. We'll start promptly at 10:00 with grounding and becoming truly present to our current reality. We will also engage in meditation accompanied by tune-in exercises to focus on your core values. You'll translate these into clear intentions for 2018, through the use of a special tool called VisualsSpeak. Wrap up will be a little surprise to carry your momentum forward.


Post Workshop:

When you head back to the real world, you are accompanied with another hour of individual coaching to support the transfer of your vision into what's happening in reality. We can arrange to have the session via Skype or telephone.

The offer:

  • Focused time for reflection and regeneration.
  • Tools that are easy to use and practice so you can take them back into your reality.
  • Personal coaching that focuses on your specific context or professional development goals.
  • Methods that help you win back focus that you can use and practice immediately.

You get to play with images - and why that's important:


Neuroscientists have lots of data showing that our right brain - the chaotic, creative, non-linear part - actually has a HUGE influence over our unconscious. And since it is our unconscious mind that actually makes more of our decisions (70%) it's a powerful way to access control over making better decisions! And our right brain loves images.


Why it works:

Anchoring: Images give us a concrete focus point, that enhances how well we remember something.

Emotional connection: We are triggered by our senses -and one of the strongest, besides smell, is through our visual intake of information. 

Coherence: The easiest way to make sense of something - and therefore to accept it - is to see how it is connected to something else that already has meaning in our lives. When we are the ones interpreting what we see, we tend to believe it.

Developmental: Images are open to multiple interpretations, so they can grow with us, and expand to include new insights, without having to change the picture.



EARLY BIRD:  €55  (by November 7th)                           REGULAR: €67

Registration closes December 15.

Take a Moment - And Gift Yourself Some Time To Reflect and Dream

atemhaus room


In the west part of Munich - the ATEMHAUS München will be our oasis of calm and reflection.

It is easily accessible by public transportation or there's plenty of parking if you come by car. Surrounded by a cozy, quiet neighborhood, with a terrace to enjoy the brisk winter air at break time - it is the ideal place to find your center and inner alignment.


Arrive by 9:30 to enjoy a warm cup of tea, get centered and sample a few of the treats!




*Register by November 7th to get this DEAL!




Deadline for all registrations by December 15.

(This is to allow for material creation and personalization !)

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