Visual Coaching 1.0

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June 8, 2018: Munich

9:30 to 5:30

What's in it for you?

There are a lot of visual methods and tools out there now, but how many of them are you truly leveraging?

80% of the human population are visual learners and on a whole humans tend to take in 90% of our information this way - with the other 4 senses making up the other 10%!  


This is probably because the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!  That's only the beginning of what you'll learn. Here's what else:

  • What neuroscience knows about how and why images ignite and sustain change.
  • How to use visual tools and techniques of all kinds to expand your own tool set.
  • What others are doing that really works for innovation, making changes, easing conflict, and supporting communication.

 You will also leave with your own set of 36 VisualsSpeak images and a Visual Coaching certificate.


Come at 9:00 to enjoy yummy tea and snacks, get settled in and do a little networking. We'll start promptly at 9:30. 


We'll be using tools like  

  • VisualsSpeak  
  • Tiny Demons from Liberating Structures
  • and more...




The offer:

  • Learn to effortlessly and confidently work with images and drawing techniques.
  • Connect with a community of practice of others who understand and value visual approaches.
  • Actively experiment in order to test out methods you can use back in your work immediately.


You get to play with images - and why that's important:


Neuroscientists have lots of data showing that our right brain - the chaotic, creative, non-linear part - actually has a HUGE influence over our unconscious. Using visuals is a  powerful way to access deep values and helps us to make better decisions.


Why it works:

Anchoring: Images give us a concrete focus point, that enhances how well we remember something.

Emotional connection: We are triggered by our senses -and one of the strongest, besides smell, is through our visual intake of information. 

Coherence: The easiest way to make sense of something - and therefore to accept it - is to see how it is connected to something else that already has meaning in our lives. When we are the ones interpreting what we see, we tend to believe it. 

Developmental: Images are open to multiple interpretations, so they can grow with us, and expand to include new insights, without having to change the picture. 




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                                      Registration extended to June 5th.                                     

Workshop Location - Neu Balan Campus der Ideen

Our Host:  

TechDivision GmbH

Balanstrasse 73/ Haus 8 (3rd floor)

81541  Munich


Your Host for the Workshop...


Susanne Taylor is the owner of CFlow and partners with other consultants to leverage skills and knowledge. She has over 14 years experience developing and incorporating visuals into coaching, moderation, and workshop design.



Working in a more aligned way with Self and core values is central to her workshop designs. The goal is always to line up intention and focus so that energy flows easily to the goals set by the client. And working with visuals is the fast track to those core values!



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Deadline for all registrations by June 5th.


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