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Liberating Structures

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I'm using these micro-structures a lot these days. They are really just some facilitative processes that require a little practice and some risk taking to try them out. They contain elements of many kinds of approaches, from lean to appreciative inquiry. Some of them are really standard and simple, like 1 - 2 - 4- All, which is just a way of allowing individuals to reflect, getting them in pairs to share, then groups of 4 to summarize insights and then sharing with the whole group. Most of the structures are THAT easy. The website explains each one, giving you open access to hacks and suggestions from others.

There are several MeetUp groups in Germany where you can practice - the most active one being in Berlin

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Whether I'm out traveling, attending a conference or just doing every day sorts of things, maybe you'll find it insightful to see the world through my eyes - and even share an insight of your own.