Workshops for Winter 2017 and 2018

Create a Powerful Plan for 2018

December is a powerful time to reflect and plan. At this half day workshop we'll use powerful visioning techniques to go deep and plan your next best steps for the coming year. In just 3 hours you'll have an opportunity to review your proudest moments, and let go of things that no longer serve you. We'll transfer that to the visual map you'll create for 2018. All in just a half-day. Join me on December 17 or 22, 2017. For full details go HERE.

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Unlock Client Potential: Visual Coaching

Coaches and Change Makers who want to increase their impact on client and team members to enable real shift know that the key lies in connecting with core values. Identifying what is truly important - at the heart of the person or organization - is the fastest way to ignite a shift in behavior and then sustain it. Join me for a full day of exploring the science and practical application of using visuals to unlock the status quo for clients at any stage of personal, professional, or organizational change.


What's New

Valuable Learnings from a Start-Up

 I was lucky enough to be a guest at Gini - a Munich-based start up who I suspected was doing some things really well.

And I was right.

Here's the first in a three-part series about some cool methods for communication, collaboration and enpowering self-organization that I experienced. 

It's all about Wins for the Week!

And here's the second of the series...brilliant feedback people will WANT.

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Use Your Whole Brain

I love this tool. I use visuals to jump start deeper conversations, get at the core of the matter, create a safe place to explore conflicts, and the most important of all - to dream! Research shows that when we create a clear vision of what we want, it becomes an anchor to manifesting what we want. (I also use an on-line version of this tool, which provides excellent flexibility and a private, individual experience.)  Check out the up-coming workshop!

Pay Attention (Not Tuition)

I love everything about this concept and approach. 

It is designed to use the tools you have right in front of you - your own environment. And the creators are truly following the spirit of co-creativity and collaboration by offering the technology as shareware.

I host free events in Munich - or where ever I happen to be that fits the time and environmental requirements. Curious? Click the MORE button!

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