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Liberating Structures - Unleash Collective Intelligence


I've been playing with these tools for more than a year now and find them super easy to bring into my work with teams and organizations. Looking to have more engaged meetings? Want to create an exciting organizational strategy that has longevity? Hoping to onboard key stakeholders? Need more innovative ideas fast? Then start practicing these brilliant approaches. There are Meetup communities of practice in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. And more are emerging all the time!

LS - leaders leading. photo by Keith McCandless

Visual Coaching Workshop June 8

This one day workshop is unique as we'll be learning and sharing a variety of visual tools and approaches that anyone can use to support others. 

Great for coaches, change facilitators, people managers, and anyone who needs to generate ideas and deeper conversations FAST. 

Deadline for registration is June 3rd. More info. here. 

red truck with flowers by visualsspeak

Pay Attention (Not Tuition)

I love everything about this concept and approach. 

It is designed to use the tools you have right in front of you - your own environment. And the creators are truly following the spirit of co-creativity and collaboration by offering the technology as shareware.

I host free events in Munich - or where ever I happen to be that fits the time and environmental requirements. Curious? Click the MORE button!

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