Your most valuable asset: Energy

Everyone talks about managing time - but we all have the same amount. It's fixed. What they are really talking about is energy, how much effort we are putting into each task. And it adds up when you have a misconception about your energy patterns. 

High performance leaders know just how valuable this insight is - and why it's so important to optimise it.

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Use Your Whole Brain

I love this tool. I use visuals to jump start deeper conversations, get at the core of the matter, create a safe place to explore conflicts, and the most important of all - to dream! Research shows that when we create a clear vision of what we want, it becomes an anchor to manifesting what we want. (I also use an on-line version of this tool, which provides excellent flexibility and a private, individual experience.)  Check out the up-coming workshop!

Pay Attention (Not Tuition)

I love everything about this concept and approach. 

It is designed to use the tools you have right in front of you - your own environment. And the creators are truly following the spirit of co-creativity and collaboration by offering the technology as shareware.

I host free events in Munich - or where ever I happen to be that fits the time and environmental requirements. Curious? Click the MORE button!

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Workshops for Fall and Winter 2017...

Master Your Energy with FEBI

This Fall (2017) we'll re-balancing and re-focusing using FEBI - the self-assessment tool that identifies your preferred energy style. We'll be engaging your body, mind, and spirit to tap in at all levels and store up energy for the coming winter.

Unlock Your Potential with Visuals

The Winter Solstice is a powerful time to reflect and plan. At this one day workshop we'll use images and meditation to go deep and plan on your next best steps for the coming year. Planned for December 21, 2017