Leadership Gym: Program Series

Harness Your Energy. Lead Your Life. Inspire Others.

Unique program for global and entrepreneurial leaders

Boost your energy, your creativity, and inspire those you work with to do the same without a huge time or money investment. Through our dynamic series of workshop programs and virtual flip learning, you'll be able to use what you get immediately into your daily work and life. 


Tap into your personal energy source - naturally


Targeted support to leverage your unique strengths


Sustainable and measurable results


Transfer back to your everyday work and reality.

Energy Program: May 11 - 13, 2017  in Munich, Germany

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Feeling exhausted or not fully yourself? Do you need to figure out how to do more with less?

This program uses the dynamic self-assessment FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) as the essential component to establishing a sustainable balance and learning how to use your most precious resource - your Energy.

You need a quick recharge and

re-alignment that lasts for months?

We offer a holistic program that focuses on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You'll learn about energy patterns that will increase your effectiveness

as a leader

Presence Program: Coming Autumn 2017

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Any leader who wants more visibility, recognition and influence needs to consider their Presence. How do people perceive you or remember you? Even Introverts can stand out while still being authentic. In this program we'll show you how and support you in making practical adjustments so that you are seen, heard, and your contributions count.


Mindfulness Program: Coming Spring 2018

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Struggling with managing priorities or dealing with strong emotions? When you are mindful of your own inner drivers, being able to focus or deal with conflict becomes much easier. Mindfulness is a powerful skill that anyone can learn. It's just like learning to ride a bicycle, but easier.


The Leadership Gym is a unique program series that has been created to accommodate busy professionals who need more flexibility and are ready to be accountable for their own growth and development. Just like going to the gym to work your muscles and build strength - it's a conscious choice to build internal balance and alignment. It takes a continual and intentional practice. 


Change and pressure are only increasing in the modern world. Now is the time to live and work and grow in new ways. That's what the Leadership Gym is all about.

Still have questions? Need some personal guidance?  

Can't manage to come to Munich and want to do one in your city?

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