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"Once you know who you are, nothing can stop you."

                                                                                               - Stedman Graham


Coaching is more than a powerful technique or tool. It is a way of being - and at the very core of my approach.


Everyone knows that coaching involves asking questions. And I invite you to ask ones that explore and generate. Ones that challenge, reveal, and support. Questions that fuel and intensify creative powers.  


Coaching is essential to channeling pressure into productive habits.

Coaching is about enabling my clients to evolve and create their own best and brilliant future. The coaching approach guarantees our clients transfer their insights into repeatable actions that grow as they grow.


And creates an agile culture.

The Power of a Sparring Partner

WHY: Coaching provides a vital neutral space and blank canvas for anyone in a position of power and potential growth. (A*hem - yes, that means everyone.)

Coaching enables leaders to identify habits that can exponentially increase their influence and impact. Ultimately - coaching uncovers and refines the stories that define us and how we want to be in the world.

WHO:  I offer coaching that's designed to accompany leaders who want to build agility. New leaders who want to re-shape their team (and their approach). Female leaders who want to translate their  vulnerability and intuitive skills into impacting and inspiring their team.

Potential leaders (anyone!) - who want to test their ideas on a more neutral ear than their colleagues. 

HOW: Coaching can be regular 30 minute phone calls which provide a structured break for leaders to strategize - or regroup and rethink. They can be 1 or 2 hour sessions that go deep and focus on a particular project which involve testing ideas and designing deliverables.

The "how" is reached by co-creation - we design what you need and agree on the way together.

"Susanne has worked with me on multiple occasions, and each time gets even better.  The more she knows me, and the more I understand some of the tools and techniques she uses (such as VisualsSpeak), the collaboration is even faster and more effective.  She has become my best "sparring partner."

The first time she helped me was as an Expat adjusting to life in Munich, Germany and starting my own consulting business.  The next time was when my husband and I repatriated back to the U.S.  Different countries (and companies) have different cultures, and it's important to recognize the differences and understand how to adapt.

Most recently, I've been transitioning to a new endeavor involving a blog - and Susanne was instrumental in helping me "make the leap" to a completely different forum of expression.  This was possible (and even seamless) despite us being on different continents (me in the U.S. and Susanne in Europe).  Thank you Skype!

The key to all of this, of course, is the personal connection we have... and trust.  Very, very powerful.  Susanne is very personable, and I've found her to be very "profound" - in an understated sort of way. 

She truly cares, and is able to draw out the best that a person has to offer.  I am truly grateful for this!"

- Cathy Marchesi, Research Director and author of

"Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven't

yet imagined." - Anne L. Watson 

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What my clients say...

"Coaching gave me the courage to go ahead with tough conversations. Susanne helped me take action by asking, “What are you going to do about it? And when?” She gave me numerous ideas and encouragement that support the following: my learning how to grow into the role of President; approaches and ideas on a TV project; better communication and relationships with colleagues; and my continual professional, personal, and spiritual development."  

                                                                              - Christopher D./Deal Global Communication, USA  


"Susanne’s work with me has changed my life. I left my job for 3 months and went to South America, one of my biggest dreams. This decision has resulted in other ones which changed my life completely (new job, leaving a relationship of 10 years, new friends and experiences, and starting to love myself for everything I am).  She inspires me and others – this for me is the most enriching thing in the world!!!!"

– Kerstin G./ International Product Manager, Germany



"Coaching with Susanne, my sense of direction got clearer, my confidence stronger. She inspired and motivated me, she helped me see perspectives I could not see. She helped me weave the possibilities together, instead of excluding some. Susanne centered me and equipped me with the courage to follow my passion - in spite of my sometimes negative outlook on things."

                        - Antimo C./ Project Manager & Leadership Development Consultant, USA (formerly Italy)


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Core Tools to Open, Inspire, and Sustain Transition

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This visual tool accesses deep values at light speed and helps cut through noise to enable focus and clear decision making. I use it to support clients bridge their naturally intuitive right brain, with the rational left brain. Using the whole brain taps into buried insights and fuels more sustainable solutions and approaches. 

Appreciative Inquiry

When you start with what's working, or has worked in the past, you build on a positive core - on success. You prime the brain to accept success as possible and inevitable. I love this approach and have incorporated it into every aspect of my work -  from the first moment we meet to every question I ask.

Man at potters wheel by VisualsSpeak

Active Knowing

Neuroscience has proven that we have brain cells in our heart and gut - not just in our brains. This supports what we "know" as intuition and "gut feelings". I explore these sources of knowledge with my clients and encourage them to use and experiment through exercises that engage the body and emotions.