Trusted Partners and Co-Creators

Together, we bring a variety of strengths and approaches that combine in powerful and unique ways for our clients. We strive to model collaboration, trust, appreciation of diversity, and authenticity. By living and working in ways that most closely match our deepest values, we role model what we want to bring about in the world - and what we believe our clients can achieve when they decide to partner with us.

Trusted Collaborative Partners & Their Focus:

Claire Lustig-Rochet - CLR Conseils  II   Using a strengths-based approach to individual and team transitions.

Betina Mazzarino - Limbica  II  Using improv and experiential activities to unlock and unblock teams and leaders.

Antimo Cimino -  Voomago   II   Experiential travel, holistic wellness (fitness and nutrition) for leaders.

Claudia Mueller -  cim consulting  II   International collaboration and consulting.

Line Mørkbak - Global LEAP Consulting   II   Virtual teams and remote management. 

Christine Martell - VisualsSpeak   II   Powerful visual communication tools and a whole brain approach to learning.

Vitamin T   II   Business Theater - A stage for impactful change and transformation across organizations.